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Email campaigns

Here is why you can send more targeted and relevant email campaigns with evoMailer.

Campaign types

  • One-time email campaigns
  • Autoresponders or Drip email campaigns
  • Single emails triggered by subscriber activity
  • Follow-up campaigns

One-time email campaigns

This is the most classic type of email marketing campaigns. You may sent it manually (with a pop-up window) or schedule it with a cron job.
Campaigns view
Email campaigns overview panel

Autoresponders or Drip email campaigns

Email autoresponders are a series of emails sent automatically in the order, time and frequency you choose or triggered automatically based on subscriber actions.
evoMailer supports both cases.
  1. You can create a series of autoresponder campaigns.
    For example, this would be ideal when you want to deliver a series of emails and/or an online course at predetermined dates after a subscriber has been added to the mailing list.
  2. You can create single email triggers. For example, upon campaign click or open send this newsletter. They are more appropriate for more selective targeting.
  3. These two can be combined. Single email triggers can also be set on autoresponder campaigns.
  4. Triggered emails can also be set on specific hyperlinks. E.g. when the subscriber clicks a specific hyperlink send this newsletter.
Autoresponder based on list sign-up
Autoresponder based on list sign-up
Single email trigger
Single email triggered by campaign view/open

Follow-up campaigns

While triggering single emails and using autoresponders is in fact a way of following up with your subscribers, evoMailer also gives you another option:
To create a follow-up campaign based on an existing campaign tracking (clicks/opens) activity.
Creating a follow-up campaign
Creating a follow-up campaign

Date-triggered campaigns

  • These types of campaigns are based on custom subscriber fields defined as dates. Think of birthdays, weddings, visit dates etc.
  • evoMailer emphasizes the collection of birthdays. If you are using this feature, you have a dedicated page with birthdays overview, a notification in your welcome dashboard about today's birthdays and a script that automatically notifies you about upcoming birthdays (using a cron job).
  • You can automate the sending of birthday or other anniversary email campaigns using autoresponders. See it.
A birthday autoresponder email send 1 day before
A birthday autoresponder email send 1 day before

Subscriber targeting

  • You can send campaigns to all subscribers, all or selected lists and even exclude lists. If a subscriber belongs to several lists he will only receive the newsletter once.
  • Highly targeted campaigns: besides selecting a few lists you can apply further segmentation using:
    - Mailing filters
    - Subscriber tags
Campaign segmentation using mailing filters and subscriber tags
Campaign segmentation using mailing filters and subscriber tags

Campaign content

  • Send html or text or both (multipart) newsletters.
  • Send a web page using the URL. You can capture a web page by giving the URL and send it as a newsletter. You may add attachments and append an opt-out link.
    Tip: using the templates manager you can also grab a remote page and save it as a newsletter.
  • Embed an RSS feed in the newsletter. Simply type inside the body:
  • A/B split testing: you can select more than one html that will rotate with every batch and you will see in your reports which one had the best open and click-through rates. See more.
New campaign
Create a new campaign
A-B split testing
A-B split testing report

Other campaign features and options

  • Campaign tracking with Google analytics. You just enter your analytics tags and evoMailer automatically parses the links.
  • Campaign scheduling using cron jobs. Furthermore, you can choose sending Days and/or Hours and set a daily maximum limit.
  • List-unsubscribe header is included in your outgoing newsletters (if you activate it in your settings).
    The ISP may display an opt-out link or an email address. In the second case evoMailer uses the opt-out-by-email function. See the documentation.
  • evoMailer can easily handle large mailing lists with millions of subscribers. We recommend the multi-threaded sending plugin in this case.
Easily add Google tracking tags to your campaign
Easily add Google tracking tags to your campaign
Send your campaigns exactly the days and hours you want
Send your email campaigns exactly the days and hours you want
evoMailer v.1.5
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