Self-hosted email marketing software

evoMailer is,
a simple yet powerful self-hosted email marketing software for managing mailing lists, newsletters, email campaigns and autoresponder emails.

  • One time license fee. No monthly/recurring fees neither volume-based fees.
  • Self-hosted & fully self-managed: you install it on your own server and use it as you like.
  • Efficiently designed with clear separation of entities like subscribers, lists, campaigns, newsletters.
Sender profiles
  • Sender profiles allow you to have different settings that apply to your email campaigns, autoresponders or opt-in forms.
  • You can define multiple sender profiles each having its own sending method, Welcome & Goodbye newsletters and landing pages (and tracking domain).
  • Sender profiles help when using evoMailer to send newsletters or use opt-in forms for different businesses or websites.
What's new in v.1.5
Email campaigns & reporting
  • Single email campaigns, autoresponders, drip emails, email triggers and more.
  • Highly targeted and personalized campaigns.
  • Campaign scheduling with cron. Choose sending Days and/or Hours.
  • Two types of opt-out processes: list and global opt-out.
  • A/B split testing and reporting.
  • List-unsubscribe header & Opt-out by email.
  • Real-time campaign tracking and reporting. You can disable or anonymize tracking at campaign level (or disable tracking system-wide).
  • Detailed subscriber activity recording. All key metrics are covered.
  • Geolocation charts, Email clients and timeline charts.
  • Easily create follow-up campaigns, filters and list segments.
What you need (technical details)
  • for our server-based, newsletter software tool you only need PHP 8.1 or later and a MySQL or MariaDB database. Works equally well on Linux or Windows servers.
  • Any type of hosting: shared, dedicated, cloud, vps or other variants.
  • Multiple SMTP serves with rotation. Works with all popular SMTP (3rd party) service providers, api methods (see below) and Power-MTA pickup.
  • Send using Amazon SES (smtp/api), MailGun (smtp/api), SendGrid (smtp/api) and other major providers.
  • Webhooks integration with Amazon SES, MailGun, SendGrid and Mailjet to capture deliveries, bounces and complaints.
  • Multiple bounce servers. Integrated bounces processing in case you use other smtp providers (your Host's or your own).
  • See server requirements in detail.
    For users that need extra power and features the following plugins are available.
  • Multi-threaded sending: ideal for those who want to send a high volume of newsletters in a short time frame. With a use of queue mechanism each campaign is executed in several parallel threads. Details
  • Import subscribers from an external database: You can setup connections to external databases, map your subscriber fields, save these connections and have them executed manually or synchronized with a cron job. Details
  • Feedback loop processing: for heavy senders who are registered with ISPs. You can process the complaints that ISPs send to your designated mailbox. Details
  • Opt-in by email: one can subscribe just by sending you an email. Details
Opt-in form builder
  • Custom subscriber fields defined by you as drop-downs, checkboxes, calendars, radio buttons or just plain text.
  • Collect subscriber information exactly the way you want.
  • Custom welcome/goodbye landing pages and greeting newsletters.
  • Captcha ready.
Newsletter software features
  • Send html, text and multipart newsletters or a web page using the URL.
  • Embed RSS feeds in newsletters.
  • Extensive newsletter personalization. Templates, attachments, images, special links etc.
  • Includes a specially customized WYSIWYG html editor and you can optionally use 2 other popular Drag 'n Drop editors (Bee & Unlayer).
Mailing list management
  • Advanced subscriber import utilities with field mapping.
  • Extensive list management and segmentation utilities.
  • Add, remove copy subscribers between lists.
  • Isolate lists, create list segments and follow-up lists. Export lists to csv.
  • evoMailer easily handles large mailing lists.
Why evoMailer
  • Easy to install, intuitive to use.
  • Most extensive personalization than any other similar software.
  • The most detailed, meaningful and actionable in-depth reporting.
  • You will improve the management of your email campaigns, mailing lists and newsletters.
  • Supports the whole cycle of email marketing with targeted follow-ups.
  • GDPR, CAN-SPAM, CASL compliant.
Why go self-hosted
  • Self-hosted email marketing means significant cost savings.
  • Data ownership & privacy: you keep and maintain your data in-house.
  • Portability & flexibility: you can choose the hosting provider and SMTP services you want. No lock-ins.
  • Easier to scale and expand, customize and integrate with the rest of your company's infrastructure
Campaign summary report
Easy for starters, yet powerful for experienced email marketing professionals.
Geolocation report
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