Opt-in by email plugin v.1.5

Subscriber sends an email and is added to your list

One can subscribe by sending an email to this list.

  • Opt-in emails are defined specifically for each mailing list. You will find this option in the page where you edit your list.
  • Your subscriber sends an email to this account and he is subscribed.
  • These email accounts should be from the same domain and use the same password as your "List un-subscribe header" (which is a standard feature in evoMailer).
  • This does not mean that you have to activate the "List un-subscribe header". They simply use the same settings.
  • You should not download these emails to your email client (but leave also a copy at the server if you want to).
  • You must also set-up cron job #8 to process these mailboxes.
Opt-in by email plugin v.1.5
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