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Newsletter software features

Newsletters is one of the most important elements in email marketing.
Your newsletters drive engagement. Engagement refers to the level of interaction between your subscribers and your email campaigns.

Engagement is determined by the following factors:
  • The content of your newsletters which should be relevant. Are you sending the right content to the right audience?
  • Your content should be coherent. Does it convey your message? Does it have a clear call to action?
  • The design of your newsletter. Is it visually attractive, readable and responsive to modern email clients?
  • Engagement is measured by the following metrics.
Html newsletters
Html newsletters overview
Stats by newsletter
Statistics by newsletter across all campaigns.

Here is how our newsletter software will help you design more relevant and personalized newsletters.

  • You can send html, plain text and multipart newsletters.
  • You can embed RSS feeds in your newsletters.
  • You have a WYSIWYG editor specifically customized for designing newsletters.
  • evoMailer also integrates with two popular drag n drop editors. Bee and Unlayer.
    These editors save their content in json format. evoMailer saves also this content so you can reload and edit the newsletter again. In addition you can export and import their content as json files.
  • Extensive newsletter personalization. Easily insert subscriber personalization tags using a drop-down menu. You can personalize the email subject, the body, the hyperlinks and your preheader text.
    Sending personalized newsletter is a must in email marketing.
  • You can tag (categorize) your newsletters for easier management.
  • With the integrated attachments file manager you can attach files to your newsletters.
  • You have an images file manager to upload, preview, delete your images.
  • Templates management / browser: any newsletter can be saved as a template so it is quickly reusable.
  • Smart newsletter links:
    - Read this newsletter in your browser,
    - Link to the built-in public newsletter archive,
    - Link to your own Privacy/terms page,
    - Subscriber confirmation link (used with double opt-in) in the newsletter that you send when asking the subscriber to confirm.
  • Easily insert opt-out links. evoMailer has two types of opt-out links. List opt-out where the subscriber is removed just from the mailing lists and Global opt-out where he is completely removed from your system. You can see all opt-outs in your opt-outs report.
  • Upload and process zipped templates created with other html editors.
    Works great with these editors: Topol.io, Bee Free/Pro, Chamaileon.io, Stripo

evoMailer is a feature-rich, self-hosted, newsletter sending software for your email marketing campaigns. It is built in PHP for the MySQL/MariaDB databases and runs equally well on Linux or Windows servers.

  • One of the most powerful self-managed, PHP newsletter scripts you can find today.
  • One-time license fee.
  • Installed at your own server (Linux/Windows).
  • Check the demo now
Newsletter design
Easy personalization
Bee drag n drop editor
Bee editor
Unlayer drag n drop editor
Unlayer editor
Opt-out links
Opt-out links
Html templates manager
Html templates manager
Upload and process Zipped templates
Process zipped templates from Topol.io, Bee Free/Pro, Chamaileon.io, Stripo
evoMailer v.1.5
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