evoMailer v.1.5

Email marketing made easier

Email marketing, broadly defined, is a marketing channel that is realized by sending emails usually called newsletters.

How to get started,

You need a tool (software). Such software may be in the form of a service or self-managed (maintained in-house). There are also hybrid approaches.

evoMailer will help you with,

  • Start collecting emails. Online (using data from orders, contact forms, opt-in forms etc) and offline (a hair studio for example can ask for a customer's email at the checkout or when booking an appointment).
  • These various email lists are your subscribers that you should organize using mailing lists. Mailing lists is a way of grouping your subscribers based on the criteria you want. Usually sharing similar characteristics and/or having similar interests. Examples:
    Customers who purchased specific products.
    Students from the same class.
  • Newsletter design with specifically customized Html wysiwyg editors and the addition of two popular drag'n drop editors.
  • Campaign management. A campaign is the activity of sending your newsletters to your mailing lists.
  • View and analyze engagement reports (clicks, views etc).
  • Easily create targeted follow-up campaigns.
  • List segmentation for even more targeted email campaigns.
  • Maintain clean mailing lists by processing bounces and opt-outs and removing unresponsive subscribers.

Email marketing enables you to,

  • Stay in touch with your audience using newsletters.
  • Deliver your message to your customers, contacts, members, employees, suppliers and friends.
  • Your message can be about new ideas, products, services or anything in your field of interest.
  • Attract and reward customers by informing them about special promotions and discounts.
  • Send seasonal, holiday and personal greetings.

Key characteristics of email marketing

  • Although the term marketing is usually related to businesses, email marketing is not only for commercial purposes or businesses that sell products and services.
    Almost all types of organizations (public, private, non-profit, educational, coops, clubs) engage today in some sort of marketing activities.
  • Direct and personal. An email addresses the recipient in an one-to-one approach. Using subscriber data and list segmentation your message can be highly personalized and targeted.
  • Cost effective thus giving you a high ROI (return on investment) compared to other marketing channels.
  • Fast. Today emails are delivered practically instantly.
  • Probably more than any other marketing channel, email marketing is easily measurable.
    Using our email marketing script you can track recipient engagement. Like clicks, views, bounces and opt-outs.
  • Email marketing is a process consisting of several activities some of which we cover below.

evoMailer is a self-managed solution with a one-time license fee that you install at your own server giving you 100% control of your operations.

  • It's easy to to deploy and use. It's a robust PHP script that runs equally well on Linux and Windows servers using a MySQL or MariaDB database.
  • It provides an integrated environment to fully support you in all key email marketing activities.
  • It is designed to simplify your email marketing effort.
  • For starters it can be as simple as you want. Expert users will easily build on many more advanced features. It grows (with) your skills.
evoMailer v.1.5
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