evoMailer v.1.5

Email campaign reports

evoMailer includes several reports that will help you analyze and better understand your email campaigns performance.

All key email marketing metrics included

At the top level you have the campaign summary report where you can see: Campaign summary report
  • Unique views-clicks: shows the number of subscribers who either clicked or opened the newsletter.
  • Clicks to open rate: CTOR shows what percentage of the subscribers who opened the newsletter clicked at least one link.
  • Unique views & open-rate: shows the number of subscribers who opened the newsletter.
  • Unique clicks & click-through rate: shows the number of subscribers who clicked at least one link in the newsletter.
  • Total opens: refers to the total number of opens including duplicates from the same subscriber.
  • Total clicks: refers to the total number of clicks including duplicates from the same subscriber and link.
  • Opt-outs & opt-out rate: shows how many subscriber opted-out.
  • Soft bounces & soft bounce rate: soft bounces resulted from this campaign.
  • Hard bounces & hard bounce rate: hard bounces resulted from this campaign.
  • Complaints & complaints rate: how many subscriber complained (for spamming or other reason).
Total tracking and reporting
Every email and newsletter view is recorded. Not just the campaign newsletters but also the Welcome & Goodbye emails and page views and the email triggers.
Subscriber details
Subscribers with unique views
See the subscribers
Subscriber engagement report
For each subscriber you have also have a dedicated report with all his clicks & opens for all emails he received and landing pages he visited

Email clients chart

  • With this chart you can see which email clients/platforms your subscribers used when opening your newsletters.
  • Provides useful insights on how to optimize your newsletter for mobile vs desktop email clients.
Email clients chart
Email clients chart.

Geolocation chart

  • Upon newsletter click and open the IP address, city and country of the subscriber is recorded.
  • Then you can visualize the subscriber top referenced locations by country (or city) and campaigns opens (or clicks).
  • Of course, you can disable IP geolocation in your configuration settings if for any reason you don't want to use it.
Geolocation chart
Geolocation chart: Countries by views.
Geolocation chart
Geolocation chart: Cities by clicks.

Detailed followed links report

  • This is another top level report that shows the hyperlinks and the number of clicks they received. You can also see the related subscribers.
  • Similarly, for every hyperlink you can see the total clicks across all campaigns and a more detailed report by campaign.
Link tracking report
Aggregate link tracking report.
Link tracking report by specific link
Detailed tracking report by specific link.

Timeline report

  • The timeline report depicts daily unique views, clicks and opt-outs since the campaign started. Quite insightful about the impact of your email campaign over time.
  • You also have a timeline report for all campaigns in your welcome page where you can select the time frame.
Timeline report
How your subscribers interact with your newsletters over time.

Newsletter performance, A/B split testing

  • It's a lot more than A/B.
    When you create your campaign you can select as many newsletters as you like.
  • These newsletters will rotate with every batch.
  • After some time check the Newsletter performance report for the open and click-through rates for each newsletter.
A/B split select newsletters
A/B split testing: select newsletters.
A/B split test report
A/B split test report.

Compare campaigns

  • You can easily compare the performance of your email campaigns with evoMailer.
    Select campaigns
  • Your report is presented in tabular format (sortable) as well as a chart that you can export/save.
Campaign comparison report
Campaign comparison report.

Decide what and how is tracked

  • You have complete control of what to track.
    Tracking options
  • At campaign level you can also disable tracking and/or use anonymous tracking.
    Tracking options at campaign
    With anonymous tracking you will see Total but not Unique ratios. Only total clicks per link are reported.
Reporting by newsletter
Views and clicks by newsletter
Views and clicks by newsletter.

List activity reports

  • Shows some key indicators about each list such as opt-ins, opt-outs, soft & hard bounces, unique views & clicks.
  • The list growth chart will show monthly additions to a list (from opt-in forms as well as imports from the administrator).
  • You also have a timeline report that shows opt-ins using forms and list opt-outs.
  • Tip: determine deliverability by major domains (like Hotmail, Gmail).
    Do an advanced search for emails that contain '@gmail.com'. With the result create a new list. Then check the list activity report.
List activity reports and charts
List activity reports and charts

Opt-outs reports

  • Opt-outs reports are presented both at campaign level and across all activity that can include more than campaigns (e.g. opt-out from a welcome email or a triggered email).
  • You can see the type of opt-out (global or list opt-out) and the opt-out reason.
  • Opt-out reasons are configured in the Sender profile settings.
  • The data in your opt-outs report is used as opt-out filters to prevent you accidentally re-importing subscribers that opted out.
Opt-outs report
Opt-outs report
Ask subscribers why they opt-out
Ask subscribers why they opt-out.

Most clicked links report

  • Covers all hyperlinks across all campaigns, transactional emails and landing pages clicks.
  • Gives you also a breakdown by campaign.
  • You can set action triggers on a specific hyperlink.
Most clicked links report
Most clicked links report
Setting an action trigger on a link.
Setting an action trigger on a link.

A lot more than just reporting,

  • Actionable reports: you can create follow-up email campaigns and/or lists.
  • Exportable to csv.
  • Charts are exported as images.
  • Displayed in your own timezone.
  • Sortable so you can make comparisons.

Campaign follow-up options

Campaign follow-up options
evoMailer v.1.5
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