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evoMailer is a self-hosted email marketing software for,
  • Managing subscribers and mailing lists,
  • Designing highly personalized newsletters,
  • Sending email campaigns,
  • Collecting and analyzing campaign reports and following-up with action triggers, segmentation triggers and email triggers.
  • Furthermore it includes a fully featured autoresponder system.
  • It is a server-based PHP script using MySQL/MariaDB databases and runs equally well on Linux and Windows servers. Suitable for all types of hosting.
Welcome dashboardWelcome dashboard - evoMailer is one of the most complete solutions for self-hosting your email marketing.

Sender profiles

  • Sender profiles are like different sender identities.
    You can add several sender profiles each with its own sending method and settings, subscriber greeting emails and landing pages and tracking domain.
  • Every time you create a campaign, an autoresponder, an email trigger or an opt-in form you select the sender profile you want to use. Of course, you can set one profile as default.
  • Sender profiles are particularly useful when using evoMailer to send campaigns or create autoresponders for different businesses or websites or embed opt-in forms in different websites.
  • The concept of tracking domain enables you to have all newsletter links pointing to a different domain from the one evoMailer is installed. How it's done.
Sender profilesSender profiles - Sender settingsSender profile settingsSender profiles - All settings

Unlimited subscribers and mailing lists

  • evoMailer is quite capable for managing large mailing lists with millions of subscribers.
  • Custom subscriber fields: defined by you as drop-downs, checkboxes, radio buttons, date calendars etc.
  • Advanced CSV import utility with field mapping.
  • Opt-out filters: so you don't accidentally re-import subscribers who opted out.
  • Advanced search utility to create list segments and follow-ups.
  • Multiple & extensive segmentation options based on campaign activity, demographics and other criteria.
  • Maintain a suppression list.
  • Utilities to copy subscribers between lists (add or remove from lists).
  • Isolate a list: remove subscribers from other lists and leave them only on the isolated list.
  • Double opt-in at list level defined per Sender profile.
  • Learn more about mailing list management features.
Mailing lists management panel
Mailing lists management panel

Sending methods

  • SMTP, works with all popular SMTP (3rd party) service providers or the smtp service provided by your hosting company.
  • You can define multiple SMTP serves and you can assign multiple smtp servers to a sender profile which will rotate with every new batch.
  • SMTP hourly and daily maximum limits. You can even set which hour of the day the count resets.
  • Custom smtp headers.
  • Built-in DKIM signing.
  • API methods:
    Amazon SES (smtp/api),
    MailGun (smtp/api),
    SendGrid (smtp/api) ,
    Mandrill (smtp/api) ,
    Postmark (smtp/api) ,
    Mailjet (smtp/api) ,
    Mailersend (smtp/api) ,
    Brevo (smtp/api) .
  • SendMail: uses the local MTA set by sendmail_path (Linux only).
  • Power-MTA pickup delivery.

Processing bounces and complaints

  • evoMailer has built-in bounces processor that works with practically every smtp service.
  • Furthermore, it has webhook integrations with all the providers mentioned in the previous paragraph (and smtp.com) to capture deliveries, bounces and complaints.
  • You can define multiple bounce servers. You can connect an smtp server with a particular bounce server. In this way each smtp server has its own Return-path.
Amazon SES api settingsAmazon SES api settingsMailgun api settingsMailgun api settingsSmtp server optionsSMTP server detailsBounce server optionsBounce server settings

Other features,

  • Enjoy the most detailed key email marketing metrics and reports..
  • Send regular email campaigns, autoresponders, drip emails, email triggers and more.
  • Optionally disable or anonymize tracking at campaign level.
  • Detailed subscriber activity recording.
  • IP geolocation, email clients and timeline reports.
  • Easily create follow-up campaigns, mailing filters or list segments.
  • Integrated opt-in form builder. Learn more.
  • Opt-out by email as a standard feature.
  • Opt-in by email as plugin.
  • Subscriber API so you can create (or delete) subscribers from external systems.
  • Enables you to be compliant with anti-spam laws (GDPR, CAN-SPAM, CASL). Explicit consent checkbox with a link to your own terms and conditions page (using the opt-in form builder).
  • Have a look at the demo.
Campaign summary report
Campaign summary report and key metrics
Geolocation chart
Geolocation chart: Cities by clicks.
evoMailer v.1.5
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