Multi-threaded sending plugin v.1.5

Time-sensitive, high volume email campaigns

Increase your sending rate by using multiple concurrent processing threads

Key points

  • Each cron hit initiates several threads (number defined by you) that pick and send emails from a queue.
  • You can create and program several multi-threaded campaigns to run concurrently.
  • It works independently from your regular campaigns and autoresponders. 
  • Works with all the sending methods you have in evoMailer.

Ideal for

  • Time-sensitive email campaigns when your emails must go out in a very short time-frame.
  • High volume senders.
  • Anyone who wants to send too many - too fast.
  • Dedicated email marketeers who send millions of emails per day.
  • Even if you don't plan to send millions per hour/day consider this plugin for boosting your sending rates.
Multi-threaded sending plugin v.1.5
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