External databases synchronization plugin v.1.5

Synchronize with external databases

Many users have already other software systems in place such as CRMs, Shopping carts, CMSs, ERPs etc.
Usually these systems lack email marketing capability or they have it at a very basic level.
The purpose of this plugin is to bridge this gap.
  • With this plugin you can connect to external MySQL, MariaDB and SQL Server databases.
  • You can save these connections as data sources. This greatly helps because:
    - You do field mapping,
    - You do not have to enter the same details every time,
    - You can automate this synchronization with a cron job.
  • Note that this is a one-way-synchronization from the external source to your evoMailer database.
  • Cron synchronization results are automatically emailed to the administrator (as a summary).

Application ideas

    By importing subscribers from another database and using autoresponders you can,
  • Follow-up on customers purchases with after-sales emails.
  • Send birthday newsletters to your customers.
  • Remind your subscribers of future date events. Note that evoMailer can also save dates as subscriber data.
Synchronize with external databasesSynchronize with external databases
External databases synchronization plugin v.1.5
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