How to upgrade

Getting the latest update

If your ordered within the last 6 months

  • Log in your account, go to your last order details page and download again the package.
  • Follow the instructions in the setUp.html that you will find in your zip package.

Ordered before 6 months?

  • You can order new license(s) with 30% discount.
  • Log in your account, open your last order details page, create a discount code and use it with a new order.
  • You can also order additional licenses with 30% discount.
  • You can use these licenses to update your existing installation or have new installations.
  • Every new order gives you again  6 months of free updates and support.
  • Plugins: check the current plugin version numbers to see with which versions they are compatible. If they indicate that they are compatible with your existing and new evoMailer version then there is no need to order again a plugin.
  • Custom discount codes for bundles: discount codes are product-specific. Please contact us to provide you a discount code.

Installing an update is very simple

  • All your data is preserved.
  • The setUp.html includes detailed step by step instructions. Here is the short version.
  • Back-up your current settings file (and perhaps other files if you are instructed to do so).
  • Upload all new files to your installation and overwrite.
  • Run the database upgrade script using your browser.
  • Login to your admin panel as usual. 
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