Installation service

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  • Most users will be able to easily install evoMailer
  • If you ever installed a similar PHP/MySQL app then you will see that this will be the easiest installation you ever did.
  • Inside your downloadable package you will find a setUp.html with detailed instructions. In short,
    • You create a MySQL database (with a user/password) at your server and edit evoMailer settings file accordingly.
    • You upload all files at your server and using your browser you load a page to create your database tables.
  • However, if you have any difficulties or you are not sure we can do it for you and ensure that things will work absolutely fine.
  • Installation covers only evoMailer. It does not include installation of required components such as PHP, database (MySQL/MariaDB), web server (Apache/IIS), Mail server or MTA. Such components should already be available at your server.
  • Installation does not include script modifications or customizing.
  • Please note that this service is not refundable.
Installation service
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